VISO II Elastic Wrist Mount WEISS

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Hersteller: Larsen & Brusgaard
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    This is the latest hot ticket for mounting your VISO or VISO II to your forearm. A snug and secure elastic arm band equipped with our plastic VISO II pocket.

    Comes with the L&B VISO Tool. Please choose from 5 sizes and one of our new colors!

    Here are the inside measurements when the band is slack. NOTE: All measurements are measured when the elastic is slack.
    - Small - 14 cm circumference
    - Medium - 16 cm circumference
    - Large - 18 cm circumference
    - X-Large - 19 cm circumference
    - XX-Large - 21 cm circumference

    L&B recommend that it is stretched no more than 1-2 cm for a comfortable fit.

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