Cypres 2 1-pin Wingsuit

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    An AAD Customized for the Wingsuit Community

    The WSC starts off by using the wingsuit parameters, which covers the specific wingsuit flight risks. While you are descending, it continuously monitors your maneuvers, and once it detects the criteria of your canopy, it changes the wing suit parameters to the canopy parameters. These will take care of your specific canopy flight risks.
 For the canopy flight, you can set your WSC to be an Expert or a Speed CYPRES, just as you need. Once you have set it, it will last until you reset it.
 As soon as your WSC has switched to the parameters of the canopy flight, it will let you know. You will hear a melodic sound for some seconds via the WSC Audio. That is important, even mandatory because only the confirmation assures that you now can do all the extreme manoeuvres that your canopy allows you.
    Aside from Wingsuiting, the WSC can also be used for all other disciplines too. Also, the handling is identical to all other civilian CYPRES models, except placing the Audio inside your helmet and listening to the melodic sound. 
Nevertheless, we ask everybody using this device to spend time to inform themselves about the physical circumstances of wingsuit flying and the technique behind the WSC.
    Wing Suit Status: 
    Activation altitude Wing Suit Status:approx. 750 – 130 feet
    Activation speed Wing Suit Status:approx. > 45 mph (20 m/s)
    Canopy Status: 
    Activation altitude Canopy Status:according to set MODE
    Activation speed Canopy Status:according to set MODE
    Status Change: 
    betweenapprox. 6500 feet (2000 meters) and
    approx. 1500 feet (450 meters) above ground
    when descendingless than approx. 19 mph (8,5 m/s), but more
    than approx. 5.6 mph (2.5 m/s)
    for 6-20 seconds depending on where this
    status change time is programmed
    Default status change time10 seconds
    Volume:approx. 139 cm³
    Weight:approx. 198 grams
    Length, width, height of the processing unit:approx. 85 x 43 x 32 mm
    Length, width, height of the control unit:approx. 65 x 18 x 6.5 mm
    Cable length of control unit:approx. 650 mm
    Length, diameter of the release unit:approx. 43 x 8 mm
    Cable length of the release unit (including release unit):approx. 500 mm
    Storage temperature:+71° to -25° Celsius
    Storage pressure:200 to 1094 hPa ( 5.906 to 32.306 In.Hg)
    Working temperature:+63° to -20° Celsius*
    Maximum allowable humidity:up to 99.9 % rel. humidity
    Waterproof:up to 24 hours down to a depth of 8 feet (2.5 meters)
    Dropzone offset adjustment limits:±1050 feet or ±350 m
    Operating range below / above sea level:-2140 feet to +26,000 feet (-650 m to +8000 m)
    Functioning period:14 hours from switch-on
    Power supply:service life warranty**

    For units with DOM 01/17 and later the maintenance can be performed on a voluntary basis 5 and 10 years after the original DOM. Service Life is 15.5 years.***

    Warranty Period:see Airtec warranty policy
    Service life:DOM later 01.01.2017: 15.5 years from date of manufacture
    *These temperature limits do not mean the outside (ambient) temperatures but rather temperatures inside the processing unit. Therefore, these limits won‘t have any meaning until the processing unit itself has reached the temperatures in question. In actual fact, these limits will rarely be reached due to the location of the CYPRES in the reserve container, and the insulating properties of the processing unit pouch and parachute canopies.

    ** If maintenances have been performed within the scheduled time frames.

    *** According to the present knowledge base.

  • Cypres 2 1-pin Wingsuit
    Cypres 2 1-pin Wingsuit
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